Championship games will be played for grades 5-8 on Aug. 19 and 20. There will be a trophy presentation on the stage immediately following each game.


5th Grade Boys:
Holy Infant (Buckallew) 0
Holy Redeemer (Hasenmeier) 3

5th Grade Girls:  
St. Clare of Assisi (Hanson) 0
Immacolata (Campanella) 1

6th Grade Boys:
St. Clare of Assisi (Hanson) 1
Annunciation (Warneke) 4

6th Grade Girls:
Mary Queen of Peace (Fix) 0
Holy Redeemer (Wilhelm) 3

7th Grade Boys:  
Annunciation (Bante) 2
Holy Redeemer (Hasenmeier) 1

7th Grade Girls:
St. Joseph-Manchester (Smyser) 2
St. Margaret Mary (Bauman) 1

8th Grade Boys:  
Mary Queen of Peace (Newhouse) 2
Annunciation (Sullivan) 0

8th Grade Girls:
Annunciation (Strauss) 5
Holy Redeemer (Baer) 0