We would like to invite you to participate in 28th Annual Streib Company Soccer Classic.  Games will be played Wednesday, Aug 8 through Saturday, Aug 18, 2018.

As in past years, the tournament will be “round robin” with a minimum of three games played by each team.  The tournament is open to all CYC teams (please, no tournament/club teams or parochial teams) – 1st through 8th Grade.
 1st through 4th grade will play 8 v 8, 5th through 8th Grade, 11 v 11.

We will award first and second place team trophies, as well as, individual first-place awards to Grades 5 through 8.  Participation awards will be given to all team members for Grades 1 through 4.

Entrance Fees

  • 1st  grade – 4th grade —- $140 (8 v 8)
  • 5th grade – 8th grade —- $190 (11 v 11)

There are a couple of changes in this year’s tournament:

  • No rescheduling of Championship games
  • An additional field will be available approximately 200’ by 120’ which means we should be able to keep 2nd Grade boys from playing on the small field (150’ by 90’)
  • We will post team registration information on our website. This will eliminate any confusion on whether you have a team registered and that it is assigned to the correct grade and gender.

We ask that managers or coaches please submit a list of team members along with the attached application.  Please notify us of scheduling conflicts your team may have from August 8 through August 19.

Check with your school about any back-to-school nights, scout activities, etc. They are usually scheduled around this time. We will do our best to accommodate any conflicts you may have if we are given advance notice. Official rosters must be submitted before your first game is played.

All games will have qualified referees. Fee and application form must be received by July 15th and is on a first come basis. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your application by email. Game schedules will be sent via email and posted to the website (stmike.org) by August 1. Those teams not accepted will receive a refund check.

We have grass soccer fields – all within walking distance of each other. As always, there will be ample free parking near the centrally located concession stand.  

Our goal is for every team to have a good time and we hope that your team will join us in our 28th Annual Soccer Tournament. Since acceptance is on a first come basis, please respond at your earliest convenience.  We limit the number of teams in our tournament.

Ways to Register

Register Online

To register your team online, visit EZrosters and follow these steps:

  1. Select Login/Register
  2. Use “school@yahoo.com” as your login and “Password9” as your password.
  3. Go to the Online Store.
  4. Select “Add” under “Soccer Tourney Registration (Grades 1-4)” or “Soccer Tourney Registration (Grades 5-8)”

Register Your Team Online

When registering electronically, you should receive a confirmation email from the tournament organizer within 48 hours. If you do not receive the email, call to confirm your registration.

NOTE: If you register electronically you can pay electronically, but are not required to pay electronically.

Register via Email

To register your team via email, download the registration form, complete it and send it back to stmikesoccer8@hotmail.com.

Download the Registration Form