Streib Company Soccer Classic

Aug. 5-15, 2020 | St. Michael the Archangel Athletic Association

Year: 2015 (page 1 of 21)

8th Boys Championship: Holy Redeemer (Winkelmann) vs Annunciation (Bante-8)

8th Girls Championship: St. Joan of Arc (Niethe) vs. SMMA (Bauman)

St. Ambrose (Campisi) vs St. Norbert (Costello)

Holy Infant (May) vs St. Peter (Hingle)

7th Girls Championship: St. Michael (Preiss) vs St. Norbert (Conwell)

St. Margaret of Scotland (Lawyer) vs St. Gabriel (Luzecky)

Holy Redeemer (Wilhelm) vs St. Paul (Bellistri)

St. Michael (Tabash) vs St. Gabriel (Lawler)

7th Boys Championship: Holy Redeemer (Byrne) vs Immacolata (Baumer-7)

St. Michael (Lauter) vs Holy Redeemer (Goga)

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