Streib Company Soccer Classic

Aug. 5-15, 2020 | St. Michael the Archangel Athletic Association

Year: 2016 (page 1 of 20)

St. Michael (Preiss)-8G vs St. Joan of Arc (Weidmann)-8G

Mary Queen of Peace (Nourie)-6G vs St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (Bauman)-6G

Mary Queen of Peace (Ward-3B) vs St. Michael (Marusic)

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (Chirco) vs Immacolata (Corrigan-4B)

Annunciation (Strauss)-7G vs St. Gabriel (Luzecky)-7G

St. Joseph-Manchester (Wiegers)-7B vs Mary Queen of Peace (Newhouse)-7B

Immaculate Conception (Bennett) vs St. Michael (Moore)

St. Joan of Arc (Taylor) vs St. Michael (Upperman)

Holy Redeemer (Pardeck) vs St. Michael (Wilson-2G)

St. Gerard Majella (DiCarlo-4G) vs St. Michael (Peters)

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