General Rules

  1. We expect good sportsmanship to be followed at all times by coaches, players, parents and referees.
  2. First team listed is the home team. Visiting team will wear Pinnies, if needed.
  3. 1st through 2nd grade play –  20 minutes halves (8 vs. 8)
  4. 3rd through 4th grade play –  25 minute halves (8 vs. 8)
  5. 5th through 6th grade play –  25 minute halves (11 v 11)
  6. 7th through 8th grade play –  30 minute halves (11 v 11)
  7. All rosters must be submitted prior to a team playing its first game. No additions to the roster will be allowed after the start of the first game.  CYC cards are not required.
  8. In the event of protest, the field manager must be informed, in writing, immediately after the game. The tournament committee will render a field decision. In case of protest pertaining to the roster, it is a manager’s responsibility to provide proof of age.
  9. No food or drink is to be brought onto the premises. We appreciate you patronizing our concession stand.
  10. All games will start on time. All teams must have a minimum of 7 players to start and finish the game.

Due to 100 percent usage of fields, there will be no rescheduling of games.

Scoring/Bracket Winners

We will be using the point system rather than overtime:

  • 2 points = a win
  • 1 point = a tie
  • A forfeit loss will be recorded as a 0 – 3 loss.

In case of a tie in points to determine finalists in Grades 5-8, a tie breaker system will be used in the following order:

  1.     Head to Head
  2.     Goals Against
  3.     Total Goals Scored (up to 6 Goals per game maximum)
  4.     Penalty Kicks

Championship games , if tied, will use up to two 10-minute overtime periods, first score wins (Golden Goal).  If still tied after the two 10-muinute overtime periods, it will go to penalty kicks. We cannot reschedule semifinal and final championship games.


If a game is called after starting due to bad weather or for any other conditions and it cannot be restarted within thirty minutes, the following rules will apply:

  • If called during the first half, after at least 15 minutes of play, it will count as a complete game to keep the tournament on schedule.
  • If called at the first half time or during the second half, it will be considered a complete game.
  • During the final game, if called at any time, the game will resume from point on, whenever the game is continued.
  • Under severe heat conditions, tournament officials have the option to decide:
    • To play equal quarters instead of halves with a two-minute break between quarters. Referees will indicate the game will be played in quarters and player substitutions will be allowed on any dead ball situation.
    • To shorten the length of games
  • In the event of severe weather and/or field conditions that will not allow us to complete the tournament by Sunday, Aug 14, an attempt will be made to reschedule and accommodate the 3 game guarantee for all teams. If the games are unable to be rescheduled for any reason, a refund will be given to teams based on the number of games they played:
    Only one game played – $75 refund.
    Only two games played – $50 refund.

Information about games canceled due to weather can be obtained on the website or by calling the Hot Line (314) 963-5241 – Managers/Coaches ONLY on hotline, please.


  • In first and second grade brackets only, one coach, per team, is allowed on the field during the game, except in the 18-yard box. One coach may stand behind the end goal-line near his or her team’s goal area. The coach may not enter the field unless there is an injury.
  • For third grade through eighth grade, only two coaches are allowed on the team bench. No coaching may be done by a parent or other coach from the sidelines or endlines.


  • We will use the current CYC Soccer Rule Book.
  • St. Michael’s Rules Committee reserves the right to make changes, as needed, to better the tournament.
  • If there are any other situations not specifically addressed, the Tournament Rules Committee will render an appropriate decision when necessary.
  • Grades 1-4 will show up to a 4 goal differential for a final score.
  • For games with more than a 6 goal differential, as long as games are running on time, it will be up to the losing team to decide if the game continues past the midpoint of the 2nd half.  If games are not running on time, the referees will be instructed to call the game at the midpoint of the 2nd half.