The soccer tournament is one of the biggest fundraisers for the children of our sports programs. As in the past, we will be assigning the parents of the athletes involved in ANY St. Michael’s sports program a specific time to work the tournament. It is your responsibility to switch with another family if you cannot work your scheduled time.

Download the Concession Schedule

The 5th-grade parents are in charge of the concessions and a 5th-grade parent will be in charge of the concession area each night.

One person is required to work from each family. Each worker must be 18 years of age or older. Children MUST remain outside the concession area to keep them safe. The Concession area is located at the Shrewsbury City Center Pavilion. Please check in there and sign in for your shift.

Working the tournament not only helps us out tremendously, but it is very enjoyable to work with friends and meet new parents. Thank you in advance for sharing this responsibility!

We sincerely appreciate all the volunteer hours our sport families give to our major fundraising events–the Schicker Basketball tournament in March and the Soccer Tournament in August. The proceeds from these tournaments support all of St. Michael’s sports programs.